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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Commodity markets did not meet the expectations of the 2015 Budget, 2016. These expectations

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Commodity Market Tips

In 2015 the budget for the commodity market regulator FMC merger-except there was no major announcement.

In the last budget, the finance minister of the commodity market offers from the CTT, which came (Commodity transaction tax) to delete, FCRA amendments and mergers involving regulator FMC ....

What are the expectations from 2016 budget of the commodity market, joint MD of MCX PK Singhal. 

According to the commodity market, we are seeking for several years to remove the CTT and Finance Minister of the time, we are asking for that either he finishes or CTT CTT Commodity Market Lower.

After the merger, according to Singhal regulator FMC FCRA does not require a change in the commodity market regulator Sebi after the merger option could even start.

What was the budget for 2015 and expectations were fulfilled and how 

CTT (Commodity transaction tax) - Commodity transaction tax from July 1, 2013 metal, bullion and some processed agricultural commodities such as sugar, was imposed on trading of soya oil. Commodity markets have to pay tax on trading of 0.01 per cent means there is a tax of Rs 10 lakh on the transaction. CTT is demanding enough time to remove the government budget in 2015 to CTT kept unchanged. It has neither been reduced nor removed. …

SEBI- FMC Merger- Commodity market regulator FMC equity market regulator SEBI for a long time there was a demand in the merger, which the government approved in the last budget. Forward market regulator Sebi, the regulator was formed in 1953, was formed in 1988. After the merger of both equity and regulator ...

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