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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Commodity Markets: Where to Stake Today

Commodity Markets: Where to Stake Today

Crude oil has fallen to the ground. The decline in crude oil has increased. Brent prices have dropped to lows of 11.5 years. Brent crude has come down to $ 33.5. Even after yesterday's sharp fall and continue to fall around 2.5 per cent, with Nymex crude came close to $ 33. The concern of China and the US about 1.5 million barrels in gasoline stocks increased energy market has come under much pressure. Tension between Saudi and Iran over the OPEC speculation are differences.

On the other hand, the brightness of gold has increased in such an environment. Gold has risen to the upper level in nearly two months. Comex price of gold touched $ 1,100 level. Silver is above $ 14. Although the rupee is increasing.

MCX gold in the domestic market with a gain of 0.75 per cent at Rs 25 950 trades. Silver also spurted by 0.75 per cent to Rs 34,000 has been exceeded. However MCX crude oil slipped about 2.5 percent has come at Rs 2,230. But natural gas is trading at 0.5 per cent, to Rs 152.8.

With the decline in base metals is traded. MCX Aluminium 0.75 per cent with osteoporosis is trading at Rs 98.5, while lead has weakened 11 percent and its price has fallen to Rs 111.5. Zinc fell 1.5 per cent and is trading at Rs 101.5. MCX Copper is trading at Rs 308.3, about 1 per cent fall. MCX Nickel is trading at Rs 570.5, down 1.2 percent.

Agri commodities futures on NCDEX guar seed with a sharp fall of 3.5 per cent to Rs 3,085 arrived. In addition, with a slightly sluggish 0.1 percent Castor seed is traded at Rs 3,660.

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MCX Copper (Feb futures): Sell - 309, Stoploss - and Targets 311 - 304

MCX Gold (February futures): Buy - 25 750, Stoploss - 25570 and Target - 26050

Silver MCX (March futures): Buy - 33500, Stoploss - 33000 and Target - 34500

Karvy Comtrade investment advice

NCDEX guar seed (January futures): Sell - 3240, stoploss - and Targets 3280 - 3160

Castor seed NCDEX (January futures): Sell - 3690, stoploss - 3725 and Target - 3620

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