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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The PM will have a tea party, What will pass GST !!!

The PM will have a tea party, What will pass GST !!!

Not so, if the Government is to make reality GST April 1 by 2016, it will have to do it by the Council. Bring all parties together to Government doing. But great strength in the Rajya Sabha having Congress still is standing firm on its own terms. Prime Minister Modi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh called on tea, was persuaded that Congress. But what will the Congress Government so easily, what with Congress without placing your math in Rajya Sabha paaigi. Voice of our airport is based on the same issue today.

GST Bill to pass in the Council of States is the challenge. The Government claims that it supports 30 of 32 parties on GST. But Congress may not pass the Bill without support. GST move involves amendments to bills the Constitution 2/ 3 majority. The Government's talks with the Congress on the GST. Whereby Modi pm Sonia, Manmohan to tea. After the meeting, Arun Jaitley pointed out that at the moment no decision on GST cooperation did not last and some with Congress leaders and metalink.

GST at the rate of GST objections of Congress that not more than 18 per cent and 1 per cent of inter-State tax right. There should be a separate settlement of disputes mechanism of hano. Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said at the meeting to make the GST effective Congress 3 tips. Now the Government is to decide by considering these but it is a good start.

GST will be have many advantages such as individual tax because of the cost and GST is expected to cost decreases. GST tax framework through easy, single tax structure, will reduce paperwork and easy to understand. GST tax will increase and as simple tax structure the scope of the tax. Number of thraxisp and Government tax will increase as. GST will lead to and from competition from low cost ikonami grow. Accessible at affordable prices in the international market will export and GDP increase of 1.7 per cent, 0.9-in.

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