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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2016 will be a Better Market. How ?

2016 will be a Better Market. How ?

Our Experts says that the 2015 market was not good for much, but this year was definitely the best. Reports in 2015 in terms of market volatility environment has seen. But the main news event that was supposed impact on the market in 2015 have been completed, now in the market for 2016 is expected to be better.

Experts the fiscal 2017 first quarter results of companies are expected to be good. The companies and the results will be good companies which will strengthen the balance sheet, good returns from these stocks. At what levels the market will remain in the next 1 year, it is a little hard to say right now.

Experts believes that third quarter shipments based on a slowdown in corporate earnings may decrease the working day in the quarter. Floods in Tamil Nadu in the same quarter of the companies have had impact on the business. Textile companies are seeing the results. Focus on infrastructure of small companies may also do well. Further rise scheme succeeding banking sector is expected to perform well.

Experts said the IPO is expected to be low valuation, but in 2016, like 2015 are too many good companies IPO. So much of the company's valuation does not matter if the quality is better. While in 2016 the banking, infrastructure and invest in good companies will prove beneficial.  Economic momentum in the banking sector will surely benefit. 2016 will be a better market.

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