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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Market Expects to Return to Shopping in January

See big returns from the market in December, expects to return to shopping in January

In December the market move often see idling. The past five years looking at the stock market figures that are signs. If the market moves in five years except 2010 years market moves or so dull.Or see a decline of four per cent. This time too the Sensex benchmark index from offloading of FII in December and nifty 2 more than ludhak.

In December the FIIs often offloading, because supposedly year after earning FIIs are long vacation.

At the beginning of January and February and mid back. So by the middle of December and January market lethargy.Even the market bigger than expected returns, but took advantage of the improved economic conditions companies will look at the results of the quarter. Move it in January pre-budget rally look. 

In mid-January return shopping market expected

In mid-January to market faster. As well as companies have come to expect better results ahead.There is a clear indication of the Government's economic reforms, such as the ikonami benefit and market also benefit.

December keeps some Nifty Trading Tips tricks

In December the nifty            Edge/ Fall year
   Year 2010                             4.60%.

   Year 2011                            -4.30%
   Year 2012                             0.40%

   Year 2013                             2.10% 

   Year 2014                            -3.60%

5 year span of FIIs purchases in December

  Month                       Shopping/ Offloading 

 December                      2049.6 crores 

December                       97.90 crores

December                       25087.8 crores

December                       16086 crores

December                      -864.34 crores

December                      -5684 crores(17 december )

Stir in the sectors live 
Auto, Pharma and FMCG sector results better than expected. Further rail and defense sector will remain on the special look.Well infra companies will also look at the order book. That's where the Government steps banks will benefit. But it anticipates a decline in short-term sector, these sector bets to just wait.

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