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Monday, December 28, 2015

Crude prices under $ 38, Gold marginally

Crude prices under $ 38, Gold marginally

Nymex and Brent crude on the global market is close to around 38 dollars. Nymex crude oil fell by 0.62 percent to $ 37.87 a barrel, trading at 0.45 per cent, with weakness and Brant crude is at 37.75 dollars a barrel. Because of the decline in the dollar gold has risen slightly.

Gold marginally in the global market

Gold is trading above 1076 dollars per ounce. While silver is 0.79 per cent and is trading at 14.37 an ounce. Copper on the London Metal Exchange was trading at 0.63 per cent.

A slight decline in domestic markets

MCX gold in the domestic market declined marginally by 0.1 per cent at Rs 25,200 trades. Silver also fell 0.4 per cent to around 34 225 rupees looks. MCX crude oil is trading at Rs 2,520 slipped nearly 0.5 percent. But MCX Natural gas rose 3.5 cent to Rs 142.3 level is reached.

Weakness in base metals

The trend is to find the weakness in base metals. MCX Aluminium declined by 0.1 per cent seems to Rs 100.7, up 0.5 per cent while copper is trading at Rs 311.5 with osteoporosis. MCX Nickel fell 0.3 per cent to Rs 565.3 seems. Lead is 0.4 per cent, and the price weakness has come at Rs 114.75. Zinc is sluggish and its price has fallen to Rs 114.75. Zinc is sluggish and the price is trading at Rs 101.2

Agri commodities fall

Agri commodities futures on NCDEX coriander with the sharp decline of 2 per cent is trading at Rs 8630. The NCDEX Jeera 1.3 per cent at Rs 14,400 with weakness has come.

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